The tropical tastes we’re loving right now, by Drinks Digest

‘Drinks Digest has been sampling the tropical new releases on the market and these are some of our favourites – they taste like summer in a can…’

Lick Pier Tropical Ginger Beer in USA’s Brewbound…

‘…As the Ginger Beer category continues to gain momentum, Lick Pier (Original) Ginger Beer holds its place as Australia’s indy favourite.’

Lick Pier Ginger Beer’s ‘Beach Towel Challenge’ hits the pages of the Herald Sun

‘…The idea of the best tropical vacation you can have with only a beach towel and a touch of the ridiculous.’


VOTE 1 LICK. Vote for Lick Pier Tropical Ginger Beer in this year’s GABS Festival Can Design Awards, presented by Orora and Opal (both suppliers to East 9th Brewing… Click here to vote now!

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