Doss Blockos is a proud
supporter of Polished Man
4.6% ABV
4 x 6 (24) 330mL bottles & 50lt Kegs

“…the mole people then join the search, but they were real. There is no actual manifesto that evolved from the underground New York movement in the late 1990s, which is when we first brewed beneath the city’s discarded railway systems.

Our beer surfaced when squats started surfacing all around the Lower East Side, before all those people came…”

Doss Blockos has been stripped bare of anything but the essential taste we could ream from the specialty pale malt and cascade hops that we have always used.

A smooth, premium pale lager, Doss Blockos is an all-natural lager, brewed in the traditional lager way, but with an eye to style and providing malty flavour that balances a mild hop bitterness nicely.

At 4.6% ABV, Doss Blockos is a beer that is brewed for easy drinking, and has a seasonability that ensures the fresh, crisp taste leaves you wanting to grab another.

In 2017, Doss Blockos released Australia’s first hemp beer after 100 years of ‘hemp prohibition’.  In 2020, we’ve teamed up with Merry Jane (the world’s leading cannabis culture media platform) to bring to life a new, fruity hemp ale – Merry Jane ‘Mango Kush’.  It’s set for release at the exact moment that cannabis is made legal in our nation’s capital (4:20pm, January 31st, 2020).

Merry Jane’s Mango Kush has been pimped with natural mango and organic ground hemp seeds to deliver our first fresh and fruity strain of hemp ales.

4.20% ABV
4 x 6 (24) 375mL cans

Doss Blockos ‘The Colour of Beer’ is a proud partner brand of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival (VAMFF)
4.4% ABV

6x4x330mL Cans

East 9th Brewing’s Unlimited Pale Ale was born of the idea that impossibilities are possible and the world’s limits are only in your head…


At 4.4% ABV, we’ve dry-hopped our heart out to bring out the tropical notes that we know you’ll love.  And with an easy 25 IBU, we’ve artfully brewed it for those with a reoccurring taste for another…

Technical Notes:

IBU:  25 ·
Ale Yeast, Top Fermented
Hops:  Waimea, Rakau and Kohatu

Doss Blockos Hempire Hemp Ale was brewed at our joint… in the face of illegality, we’ve created our very own Hempire.


Almost a century in the making, Doss Blockos Hempire provides the ideal malt structure to expose the unique nuttiness and soft creaminess brought by the organic ground hemp seeds.  We’ve also smuggled in some Sorachi Ace hops that marry perfectly into the brew.

At 4.6%ABV, this ground-breaking ale taps into a new movement of brews… a new experience best enjoyed with your buds.  Here’s to enjoying one with the same passion as it was created with…

4.6% ABV

 4.6% ABV
4 x 6 (24) 330mL bottles

Doss Blockos Fuck The Rent Golden Ale is brewing for an uprising…fuck the necessities, there’s pleasure to be had right now…

Using a blend of Australian and European specialty malts, Doss Blockos Fuck The Rent Golden Ale provides a medium bodied malt backbone and the perfect weight for sessionability. We’ve also found the perfect blend of New Zealand and North American hops to bring the ideal amount of bitterness and aroma.

At 4.6% ABV, this easy drinking ale projects pleasant citrus fruit notes over the structured malt based brew…drink it whenever the fuck you want.

“…they look after each other more than those from up there. Making a life together…sleeping in the subways beyond the natural caves running through the bedrock, bleaker than Ghost’s Cliff that sheers near the Harlem River…

…repairing lines with bald steel on rusted tracks, workers came on a forest buried seven stories under the Upper West Side. Burnt lager was fermenting under the double shade of trees engulfed by the tunnels…”

Doss Blockos Dark Lager has been brewed with the idea of togetherness and the quality of patience, aligning the five malts for complexities we’re not sure we need.

Doss Blockos Dark Lager is an all-natural lager, brewed with patience, friends and attention to detail. Using five different malts and an extended maturation process, it delivers just the right balance between complexity and sessionability.

At 4.6% ABV, you’ll pick up pronounced tones of roasted coffee and dark chocolate, and a little burnt caramel as the bottom of your glass approaches.

4.6% ABV
12 x 500mL bottles

4.6% ABV
12 x 500mL bottles

…when they ripped down our Condos beneath the subways. They never accepted that man is an animal that will do what is necessary for food and shelter, independence is his fire but we formed community for support…in the rare hours, when light filters through the grates from their streets and mixes into our darkness, we could see the colour of what we were brewing.

…but not from Bushwick. We know about the pilsner that the others had smuggled through the tunnels from under St Mark’s, cause there’s a thread between us all down here…memory is stained in the bricks and concrete…”

Doss Blockos Rare Pilsner has been scarcely brewed with the ingredients its made from, producing only as much as we’ve got…

Tasting Notes
Doss Blockos Rare Pilsner has been brewed using the time-honoured traditional Pilsner method. Using four different varieties of hops along the way, it arrives at a destination that all palates will appreciate.

At 4.6% ABV, you’ll notice just the right amount of floral aroma and spice before the clean, sharp finish hits you…

Download the original Doss Blockos artwork

Click the image to download a high-resolution PDF of the original Doss Blockos artwork by Jak Rapmund.

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