Blacktown Sun Covers – E9 vs. Pauline Hanson

Blacktown Sun Covers – E9 vs. Pauline Hanson

“Senator Pauline Hanson has plans to launch her own craft beer – but there’s already one with her name on the market.

The courier mail yesterday reported the controversial One Nation leader wants to put her name to a line of beer.

It’s believed the move is an attempt to connect with more voters. After 18 years out of politics. Ms Hanson returned to the Senate last year after securing 9 percent of the vote in Queensland.

But if the beer does eventuate it could face stiff competition – from one already available.

East 9th Brewing unlimited has a fine line of Fog city ‘activist ciders’ designed as a position protest against conservative politics.

The melbourne based team have on label promoting marriage equality, and their latest offering is aimed squarely at the One Nation leader.

“we are a national company, so we wanted to talk about damming issues that are affecting Australians, and people trying to come to Australia. Our new label does just that” director Josh Lefers said.

“Our new slogan I’d Swap Pauline For A Refugee’ is aimed at lobbying Pauline Hanson, her inhuman refugee policies, and every person with beliefs like hers that create a terrible energy in the world.”

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