Doss Blockos Polished Man Dinner at Neptune Food & Wine

Doss Blockos Polished Man Dinner at Neptune Food & Wine

Throughout October, we’re hosting a series of dinners at Neptune Food & Wine with all proceeds going to Polished Man.

Your dinner package includes:

– Three course dinner at Neptune Food & Wine (212 High St, Windsor VIC 3181)
– Drinks (including Doss Blockos and award winning wines supplied by our friends at Get Wines Direct)
– Goodie bag

Ten years ago, we raised enough money to help YGAP build a school in Bangladesh. This year (over a few bottles of Doss) we made a bet with the Polished Man team that we could raise $50,000 for their 2018 campaign. By joining us for a fun night out with friends you’ll be helping us achieve our goal.

1 child dies every 5 minutes as a result of violence. That’s 1 too many. Polished Man seeks to end violence against children world-wide by raising much needed funds for trauma prevention and trauma recovery programs.

Fast becoming a global movement, Polished Man and its trademark blue fingernail has become synonymous with doing good; with the likes of Chris Hemsworth, Michael Klim, Zac Efron, Georgia Love and many others painting a nail for the cause.

Now we want to help in a bigger way than ever before—we’re turning our signature Doss Blockos bags blue and aiming to raise $50,000. By attending one of our Doss Blockos Polished Man dinners at Neptune Food & Wine, you’ll be a part of the movement. We’ll be standing together to start conversations that drive donations, that allow for prevention and protection. And it ends when no child suffers from violence. Because it shouldn’t hurt to be a child.

So round up the crew, paint a nail, buy a ticket and help support vulnerable children world-wide.

Big thanks to Commune Group for hosting these events at their amazing Neptune Food & Wine venue (check out and Get Wines Direct for supplying a selection of delicious wines (vist

Buy tickets here:

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