Lick Pier Ginger Beer is Gluten Free…

September 2016: Lick Pier Ginger Beer is Gluten Free… You’ve been asking, for a while, and we finally listened.  We always knew that our delicious Lick Pier Ginger Beer was gluten free, but finally, we’ve had it tested by an independent food lab that knows about that sort of stuff, and they said that we’re good to...
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‘…East 9th Brewery have a brand new tipple on the market that will help you bring some European frippery to a super chilly day. Fog City Sangria is made from red wine grapes with lashings of juicy citrus, and it comes in a handy bottle so there’s zero mixing required.’

Two Trends in One…

November 2012: ‘In an effort to send a deserving member of the hospitality industry to see the real, life Lick Pier – on Venice Beach in California – the team sent out a call to bartenders across the country. With the hot weather in Melbourne in full swing for the...
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East 9th Brewing To Release Australia’s First Alcoholic Root Beer

March 2016: ;After the successful launch of two category-breaking products in the form of Lick Pier Ginger Beer and Fog City Red Sangria, the team at East 9th Brewing is about to drop your next favourite drink that only the future you has tried.’

Fog City Red Sangria – Product Review

July 2013: ‘Since starting up in 2010 East 9th Brewing company have been carefully crafting quality beers and ciders amongst interesting brands that have impressed even the fussiest cider and beer lovers. So, when given the opportunity to try their new bottled “Red Sangria” we were intrigued.’

Goldilocks and East Ninth Brewing

October 2013, by Vici Jacobs:  ‘The Modern Connoisseur checks out the beautiful Goldilock’s bar with some encouragement from the East Ninth Brewing Company, who showed us a thing or two on beer-based cocktails.’

The root to success: Aussie brewer predicts expansion of alcoholic root beer movement

April 2016, by Rachel Arthur:  ‘Alcoholic root beer is thriving in the US, and now an Australian brewery believes the beverage will prove to be the perfect fit for its own country.’