World’s first Op-Shop bars for charity

Project Description

The Shout’s Brydie Allen wrote about East 9th Brewing’s Doss Closet Project- read the full article here

Melbourne’s East 9th Brewing has expanded on their op-shop party concept to bring the world’s first two op shop bars in the name of charity.

It’s the second year that the Doss Blockos Polished Man team has raised money for a worthy cause, last year receiving unprecedented support from Australian hospitality venues. The 2018 iteration saw over $50,000 collected for Polished Man, an organisation aimed at ending violence against children.

The industry’s input this year is named Doss Closet, with the first op shop bar popping up in October at Footscray bar, Lickety Split. The bar is the work of industry heavyweight Jerome Borazio, who has teamed up with the Doss Blockos Polished Man team to bring the Doss Closet idea to fruition.