East 9th Brewing Launches Doss Blockos ‘X’ XPA

Project Description


Doss Blockos X is a beer released mark X years of East 9th Brewing (which is a long time in indy beer company years). Doss Blockos X also marks the spot to a treasure trove of tropical hops. This XPA provides just the right amount of bitterness to balance out the malty goodness. This is brewed for drinking. Your new X.

At 4.6%ABV, Doss Blockos ‘X’ is available in 375mL cans to select retailers and venues across Australia.

  • ABV:    4.6%
  • IBU:     35
  • Malts:   Pale, Wheat, Vienna and Rolled Oats
  • Hops:  Mosaic, Centennial, Cascade

Drop us a line at info@e9thbrewing.com if you wanna get some, we’ll release the stockists in the coming days…