Project Description

The distribution of Doss Blockos and Lick Pier brands have returned home to East 9th Brewing as of October 1, 2019, after being distributed by Melbourne-based national beer distributor Craft Revolution, for the past three years.

In July 2019, we acquired SAMPLE Brew, at which time, we built our own distribution capabilities with the view to eventually return all owned-brands in-house. This transition provides the opportunity for East 9th Brewing to employ smart synergies across its’ growing business and to streamline its route-to-market. It also provides a well-rounded and unique portfolio of brands…

We’d like to thank the team at Craft Revolution for their efforts over the last three years. Together we’ve built a suite of solid and sustainable brands with national reach that continue to intrigue the industry.

If you’re an On-Premise or Off-Premise customer and would like to get in touch, drop us a line at info@e9thbrewing.com

Cheers from East 9th Brewing