East 9th and Merry Jane launch hemp ale celebrating Canberra’s cannabis legalisation

Project Description

Australia’s Marketing Magazine recently reported on our Doss Blockos ‘Merry Jane’ Hemp Ale launch…

‘East 9th Brewing has teamed up with Merry Jane, Snoop Dogg’s cannabis media and entertainment brand, to release Merry Jane’s Mango Kush….East 9th released Hempire, Australia’s first hemp beer, in 2017, to celebrate the legalisation of hemp products in food and beverages at that time. Notable North American beer industry giants like AB-Inbev and Molson Coors are investing in the cannabis industry, too, which – since legalisation in Canada and a growing number of US states – has provided green pastures for countless startups.’…read the full article by Ben Ice here