Doss Blockos unveils new look & bar

Project Description

Read about the launch of Hotel Animal & Doss Blockos ‘D’ Draft in Drinks Digest:

‘…“Doss Blockos ‘D’ is a return to our roots,” said brand manager Benjamin Cairns. “Clean, refreshing lager is how we started all those years ago, and since then, we’ve refined our recipe. And this is it – a freshly polished draft beer. This beer is brewed for drinking.” … As part of brand’s reinvention, a bar has been created with Doss Blockos ‘D’ in mind, Hotel Animal- “Through the doors, your ears will be treated to loud rock’n’roll and your taste-buds with fresh Doss Blockos brews,” Josh Lefers of East 9th Brewing said. “Doss Blockos has an unapologetic, non-nonsense approach to beer and a raw creative vein that connects the brand to the beating heart of this venue…”