Doss Blockos Partners with Polished Man in 2018!

Project Description

We are so excited to be partnering with Polished Man in 2018 to help raise funds and awareness and for violence against children.

It all started as a bet…after raising money for another YGAP campaign ten years ago, the YGAP Team (the non-for-profit behind Polished Man) challenged us to go bigger in 2018…they wanted us to get the entire hospitality community involved to help raise awareness and $50,000 for Polished Man…

As well as our fingernails, from August until the end of October 2018, our Doss Blockos brown paper bags will be blue to raise awareness for Polished Man…all in the name of starting conversations that drive donations for Polished Man.

We’ve also got a sweet swag of prizes to give away for some very special Polished Men or Women. If you’re a part of the Doss Blockos Polished Man Team and raise the most amount of money, you’ll be coming to NYC with the Doss Blockos crew for the North American wrap party. If you’re a venue/retailer, contact your East 9th Brewing/Craft Revolution rep for info on how you can get involved and come to NYC too!