East 9th Brewing release Fog City Sangria in a bottle

OCT 2014, Cormack O’Connor: Lost at E Minor praises the nod to the San Fransisco heritage of Fog City through the clever and lasting image of Mimi Yoon’s ‘Eve’ bottle artwork. ‘…The drink is based on subcultures, alternative lifestyles, Beat Generation writers, the Haight-Ashbury neighbourhood, and the Digger communes.’ http://www.lostateminor.com/2012/10/03/east-9th-brewing-release-fog-city-sangria-in-a-bottle/

St Kilda’s East Ninth Brewing: Art, Grit and the Rise of the Underground Blend

MAR 24, 2015: Explore Drinks contemplates the namesake and history that inspired the East 9th Brewing brand, and how East 9th have stripped down their products raw to represent their surroundings and culture. ‘…Doss Blockos presents a sessionable lager and a fresh, bitter taste – but in spirit Doss Blockos...
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MAY 19, 2015:  Hey Gents writes about how East 9th Brewing have set themselves apart from others in the market through an innovative product line. ‘Looking to stray away from the range you’ll find at any old pub? The gents at East 9th Brewing Co aim to have you trading in your...
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Not the norm: East 9th Brewing Company

Sara Lawrence: Drink Me lifestyle magazine describes the change in the Australian consumer from cheap and mainstream, to the ‘premiumisation’ in the beverage market, and how East 9th Brewing capitalises on this niche market through product and design. “They come from a land down under. Their purpose is not to...
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The root to success: Aussie brewer predicts expansion of alcoholic root beer movement

APR 1, 2016, Rachel Arthur – Beverage Daily describes the rise in popularity of alcoholic ginger beer in the US, and follows the journey of East 9th Brewing conceptualising and introducing the alcoholic beverage into the Australian market. Arthur talked to Benjamin Cairns of East 9th Brewing, “… There was...
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Australia’s first alcoholic root beer to launch

MAR 2, 2016, Deborah Jackson – The Shout Team reveals East 9th Brewing’s plans for an exciting and innovative new product to enter the beverage market – an alcoholic root beer ‘Future Memoirs of a Root Beer’. “With a signature blend of flavours including sassafras, vanilla, cinnamon and ginger, Future...
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Doss Blockos Pale Lager - Bottleshot 

Doss Blockos’s hipster cred is in the bag

AUG 30, 2013 – The Australian comments on the appeal of the Doss Blockos paper bag, ‘The bearded hipster is an unfortunate phenomenon. Part geek, part hobo, they clog urban laneways with their beanies, tatts and carefully coiffured accoutrements (bored female partner, iPad etc).” http://www.theaustralian.com.au/life/food-wine/dos-blockoss-hipster-cred-is-in-the-bag/story-e6frg8jo-1226707401561
Doss Blockos Dark Lager - Bottleshot 

East 9th brewing small batch beers

JUL 8, 2013, James Atkinson – The Shout team highlighted the new release product by East 9th Brewing, “a new, limited edition Doss Blockos Dark Lager, with further one-off releases scheduled before the year is out.” https://www.theshout.com.au/news/beer-cider-news/east-9th-brewing-small-batch-beers/