Lick Pier Tropical Ginger Beer Stockists

The new Lick Pier Tropical Ginger Beer has landed in fridges across the country. Check out our latest…

East 9th launches new ginger beer flavour, by Brewsnews

‘Lick Pier Tropical Ginger Beer… sit back and savour this delicious holiday with our choice blend of tropical fruit flavours added to the ginger spice that Lick Pier is known for.’ 

Greetings from Lick Pier, wish you were (ginger) beer!, by Beer & Brewer Magazine

The team at Beer & Brewer magazine write about East 9th Brewing’s latest release, Lick Pier Tropical Ginger Beer, and the rise of the ‘Beach Towel Challenge’!

Lick Pier Ginger Beer Brings Vacay Vibes, by Drinks Digest

Alana House of Drinks Digest covers the release of the new Lick Pier Tropical Ginger Beer and the…

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