root beer


The Daily Telegraph covers — Raise a glass for new summer fav: alcoholic root beer

RENATA GORTAN, The Daily Telegraph UNABLE to bear any more beer, drinkers are raising a glass to alternative brews — and an...
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Techly covers — This Aussie craft brewery refuses to stop trolling Pauline Hanson on their cans

By Riordan Lee It’s a great Australian tradition to take the piss, it’s also a great Australian tradition to sink bulk beer. So...
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The root to success: Aussie brewer predicts expansion of alcoholic root beer movement

April 2016, by Rachel Arthur:  ‘Alcoholic root beer is thriving in the US, and now an Australian brewery believes the beverage will...
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East 9th Brewing is set to introduce Australian consumers to the new movement of alcoholic root beer, with the release of its...
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East 9th Brewing launches alcoholic root beer

March 2016:  ‘Futures Memoirs of a Root Beer has created a category in the Australian liquor market, following on from the success...
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