Junkee Covers – Fog City Activist Cider

“Not content with ruining politics, Pauline Hanson now wants to ruin beer. The One Nation leader has announced she’s keen to launch...
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Oh Beautiful Beer: Doss Blockos Pale Lager

January 2012:  ‘The design centred on the idea of ‘brown bagging’ (illegal public drinking from a brown paper bag) and a strong...
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East 9th Brewing: Packaging Of The World

October 2014, by Derrick Lin:  ‘East 9th Brewing fosters creative and interpretive thinking around its brand stories using unusual and idiosyncratic label...
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A hobo’s dream – Doss Blockos

September 2015, by Hamish Dunham:  ‘…The plain brown packaging and individually wrapped bottles are a sight to behold with the simplicity of the...
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East 9th Brewing release Fog City Sangria in a bottle

October 2014, by Cormack O’Connor:  ‘…The drink is based on subcultures, alternative lifestyles, Beat Generation writers, the Haight-Ashbury neighbourhood, and the Digger...
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