Herald Sun Covers – Doss Blockos Hemp Ale

Project Description

“MEET the Melbourne trio liberating libation one hemp seed at a time. Under their East 9th Brewing label, Benjamin Cairns, Josh Lefers, and Stephen Wools will release Doss Blockos Hempire Hemp Ale in November one once new laws allow hemp to be legally sold for human consumption.

Up to 50,000 litres of the beer, made using organic hemp seeds, will hit venues nationally in kegs – with bottles or cans expected in early 2015.

In April, state and federal health ministers gave the green light for hemp seeds to be legalised as a food source – almost 20 years after hemp farmers first rallied for the change.

Hemp comes from the same species of cannabis plant as marijuana, but it has only negligible levels of the mind-altering chemical tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

East 9th Brewing founders Mr Cairns, Mr Lefers, and Mr Wools hope their ale will follow the success of hemp beer in the US, where at least eight brews are on the market.

“other countries have gone in leaps and bounds on this, while our government has been dragging their heels,” Mr Cairns said.

“It’s great to finally see it changing. This beer has been on our radar for five or six years. There’s  no THC in the product, but there’s a cheeky charm.”