New beer tries to tap squatters’ ‘defiant rawness’

August 2012, by Lincoln Anderson:  ‘…Each bottle of Doss Blockos is individually packaged in its own paper bag — to evoke the feeling of swigging a brew on the streets of the East Village while dodging arrest by Ninth Precinct cops for drinking in public….’

A hobo’s dream – Doss Blockos

September 2015, by Hamish Dunham:  ‘…The plain brown packaging and individually wrapped bottles are a sight to behold with the simplicity of the design reflecting the purity of the liquid stored within.’

East 9th Brewing release Fog City Sangria in a bottle

October 2014, by Cormack O’Connor:  ‘…The drink is based on subcultures, alternative lifestyles, Beat Generation writers, the Haight-Ashbury neighbourhood, and the Digger communes…’

St Kilda’s East Ninth Brewing: Art, Grit and the Rise of the Underground Blend

March 24, 2015:  ‘…Doss Blockos presents a sessionable lager and a fresh, bitter taste – but in spirit Doss Blockos forms the base of a larger portfolio, equally roused from rebellion. Following Doss Blockos, East Ninth created Lick Pier Ginger Beer and Fog City Cider (later extended to Fog City...
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Doss Blockos Pale Lager 

Not the norm: East 9th Brewing Company

They come from a land down under. Their purpose is not to make the good people chunder. But rather, can’t you hear the crowds roar of approval like thunder? You better run to East 9th to take cover.

The root to success: Aussie brewer predicts expansion of alcoholic root beer movement

APR 1, 2016 – Alcoholic root beer is thriving in the US, and now an Australian brewery believes the beverage will prove to be the perfect fit for its own country.

Australia’s first alcoholic root beer to launch

MAR 2, 2016 – East 9th Brewing is set to introduce Australian consumers to alcoholic root beer with the launch of ‘Future Memoirs of a Root Beer’.
Doss Blockos Pale Lager - Bottleshot 

Doss Blockos’s hipster cred is in the bag

AUG 30, 2013 – The bearded hipster is an unfortunate phenomenon. Part geek, part hobo, they clog urban laneways with their beanies, tatts and carefully coiffured accoutrements (bored female partner, iPad etc).