Oh Beautiful Beer: Doss Blockos Pale Lager

January 2012:  ‘The design centred on the idea of ‘brown bagging’ (illegal public drinking from a brown paper bag) and a strong narrative structure centred on the New York squatting culture of the 1990s. The final design took inspiration from the street art of local artist Jak Rapmund.’

East 9th Brewing: Packaging Of The World

October 2014, by Derrick Lin:  ‘East 9th Brewing fosters creative and interpretive thinking around its brand stories using unusual and idiosyncratic label art- appealing to those who wish to challenge the social order…East 9th Brewing label artwork is designed to remain open to interpretation by the consumer, fostering imaginative thinking...
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Winter is Coming: East 9th Brewing Presents Doss Blockos Limited Edition Dark Lager

May 2013, ‘…East Ninth Brewing is celebrating the arrival of winter with the new, limited edition Doss Blockos Dark Lager to be released this June. With only 10,000 numbered bottles to be produced, the 500mL Doss Blockos Dark Lager is sure to hit the shelves running.’

Pot Luck: Lick Pier Ginger Beer from East 9th Brewing Company

February 2012, by Paul Drury:  …’Lick Pier Ginger Beer is the latest from the Prahran-based East 9th Brewing Company, who like to build a narrative around their releases. Doss Blockos, the beer in the brown paper bag, was inspired by the underground brewing scene in NYC in the 90’s. Their...
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By Sara Lawrence:  ‘…So try something new this summer with an Australian flare that bridges the gap between underground and mainstream.’

East 9th Brewing Co.

November, 2013, by Ashlee:  ‘…The Fog City sangria in particular impressed me, as I expected it to be overwhelmingly sweet, but it was surprisingly relatively dry, with the fruit just adding a nice bit of roundness to it. Would be quite happy to knock back a six pack of these!’


October 2013, by David Hagger’…Goldilocks is one of those Melbourne treasures almost hidden away above Noodle Kingdom on Swanston St. This is a chic bar with bartenders that know their trade. Invited on a cold Spring evening we were treated to a cocktail class by two supremo bartenders, with the...
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New beer tries to tap squatters’ ‘defiant rawness’

August 2012, by Lincoln Anderson:  ‘…Each bottle of Doss Blockos is individually packaged in its own paper bag — to evoke the feeling of swigging a brew on the streets of the East Village while dodging arrest by Ninth Precinct cops for drinking in public….’

A hobo’s dream – Doss Blockos

September 2015, by Hamish Dunham:  ‘…The plain brown packaging and individually wrapped bottles are a sight to behold with the simplicity of the design reflecting the purity of the liquid stored within.’